Sapere contracted to evaluate environmental taxes in the Pacific

15 February 2019 – Sapere researchers have recently embarked on a project to evaluate taxes and subsidies that affect the health of the Pacific Ocean.

This project, for the Forum Fisheries Agency (a division of the World Bank) will assess if and how government taxes and subsidies create economic incentives that are aligned with, or pose a risk to, ocean finance and governance. It will explore the link between taxation, subsidies and economic decisions in the Pacific Ocean and develop a framework for analysing these taxes and subsidies. It will identify the main taxes and subsidies that can have an impact on environment, and propose recommendations and make reform proposals to align taxes and subsidies with long-term ocean health.

Sally Wyatt (Sapere Principal) and Kieran Murray (Sapere Managing Director) are principal researchers for the project alongside a team from French consultancy Vertigo Lab. Sally and Kieran have previous experience evaluating tax reforms in the Pacific region.

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