Our Sydney office has moved

As a result of our expanding forensic accounting and valuation teams, Sapere has relocated to 135 King Street

During the past five years, Sapere Forensic and Sapere Valuation have experienced significant growth. The senior team now consists of six experienced directors and three principals, including a director leading our Valuation practice.

All of our directors have over 20 years’ experience in forensic accounting or valuation. We have provided expert opinions on damages calculations, valuations, class actions, international arbitrations, taxation disputes, intellectual property matters, expert determinations, accounting issues & investigations, and asset tracing.

Our case work includes Commercial Disputes such as Nationwide News ats Geoffrey Rush, and Asahi v Pacific Equity Partners, Class Actions such as Centro, Great Southern Group, Air Cargo, Taxation Disputes such as Orica v COT, ZZGN v COT, and Intellectual Property cases such as Commonwealth v Phillip Morris, Apple v Samsung and Warner-Lambert v Apotex, among many others.


Our experts

If you would like more information on the Sapere Forensic and Sapere Valuation directors, please follow these links:

We look forward to working with you in the future and welcoming you to our new offices.
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