Tribute to Jo Esplin

Sapere directors and staff are deeply saddened by the recent death of our colleague and friend, Jo Esplin.

Jo joined Sapere in 2012, and in her role as Principal Consultant she worked in the areas of health care, disability support services and the health of older people.

While Jo was known for her work with large government organisations, much of her work was for smaller NGOs or representative groups that deliver services and give a voice to people with physical or intellectual disabilities, people with chronic health conditions, and high-need groups such as children, young people and older people.

Jo was a skilled consultant who brought broad experience and a deep understanding to her clients. Her energy, warmth and good humour were not only valued by her clients and by her colleagues at Sapere, but by the service users and their families. Jo’s work often took her into their homes so that they might have a chance to tell their story and experience of a service, and a view on how it could be improved. Jo’s personal qualities of empathy and respect enabled her to undertake this sensitive, and sometimes challenging, primary research in a way that very few others could match.

Outside of her role at Sapere, she supported her community as Chair of the Man Alive Foundation.

Jo was motivated by the opportunity to support her clients, often smaller organisations in need of assistance and advice. Even more so, Jo was moved to contribute to a better service experience for the people in our society who are most in need. She certainly made that contribution.

We will miss Jo’s warmth, empathy, enthusiasm, and of course her inimitable sense of style. Her family and wide circle of friends remain in our thoughts.

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