David Reeve


P: +64 9 909 5810

E: dreeve@thinkSapere.com

David is a technical expert and risk manager specialising in renewable generation (hydro, geothermal and wind), electric power-system operation and electricity markets. He is experienced in resolving complex issues affecting value and risk in electricity, including renewable resource utilisation, energy and transmission pricing, electricity trading and operation, ancillary services, revenue metering and risk management integration.

David has extensive experience in the New Zealand power system and market and has also worked in Australia, Philippines and Singapore.

My publications

Sapere was commissioned by Transpower to investigate the potential value of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in a New Zealand context. Transpower is seeking to advance the discussion about how the electricity industry and market may need to evolve with increased penetration of DER. This report broadly considers the value of DER to the New Zealand ...

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In this report, prepared for the BusinessNZ Energy Council, we consider whether the electricity sector is meeting five enduring public policy objectives that seem enduring for policymakers across countries and time. We consider whether the objective is being achieved today and whether it is likely to be achieved given emerging influences. The five policy objectives ...

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Sapere Research Group was commissioned by the Electricity Authority to assist its thinking on distribution pricing. They were interested in finding out if distribution locational marginal pricing was possible now, and what was required to support its implementation, both practically and from a regulatory perspective. We found that there are a range of implementation and ...

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Dr Stephen Batstone and Toby Stevenson spoke at the recent Downstream 2018 conference on “Transitioning to zero net emissions by 2050: Moving to a very low-emissions electricity system in New Zealand”. Stephen and Toby presented the findings of the work a team from Sapere have completed for the Productivity Commission. This work aims to identify ...

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Sapere was engaged by the Productivity Commission to investigate the potential for the electricity sector to contribute to the goal of a low-emissions future in New Zealand. Our paper was produced to support the Commission’s draft report on transitioning to a low-emissions economy. A final report will be presented to the Government in August 2018. ...

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