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Our people

Objective, non-partisan advice

As a leading expert services firm we bring extensive experience in navigating complex matters across a wide range of government, industry, and academic settings.

With highly skilled and diverse backgrounds in leadership and senior management positions, we are immensely proud of our people and our reputation.

Our independence allows us to hand-pick leading-edge industry partners and specialists to better collaborate across a wide range of industries and disciplines.

Combined with a robust international network and extensive internal skill set, we are able to deliver unique solutions to complex challenges.

David Moore
Kieran Murray
Tony Samuel
David Graham
Martin Cairns
Rebecca Conoulty
David Reeve
Angus White
Anna Schuck
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Kieran Murray
David Reeve
Corina Comendant
Douglas Yee
Dr Jamie O’Hare
Dr Julius Ohrnberger
Lockie Woon
Marnus Beylefeld
Mehrnaz Rohani
John Wallace
Dr Vijaya Ramamurthy
David Graham
Anna Schuck
Brett Stacey
Chris Graham
James Searby
Dr Leah Tang
Matt Balmford
Melissa Skilbeck
Sally Carrick
Tony Samuel
Martin Cairns
Rebecca Conoulty
Anya Eglit
Byron Walker
Chris Holland
Erik Backdahl
John Farrant
Mark Arena
David Moore
Angus White
Amanda Kelly
Ashley Milkop
Dean Nutsford
Fiona White
Dr Glenn Boyle
Hamish Hann
Jann Watt-Drake
No more team members
Dr Graham Scott
Professor Kym Anderson
Dr Reinhard Pauls
Stuart Shepherd
Professor Tony van Zijl
Dr Veronica Jacobsen

Careers with Sapere

Sapere recruits for attitude as well as experience. We look for people who are driven to succeed, curious and passionate about what they do.

The work we do is complex and challenging so we are always on the lookout for highly talented individuals with great skills who also recognise the value of working as part of a team. We are always interested in speaking with people who share this idea.

If you are interested in joining the Sapere team, please email us your enquiry along with your CV.