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Dr Julius Ohrnberger

Dr Julius Ohrnberger

Managing Consultant

Passionate about helping his clients to solve complex policy questions with robust and unbiased evidence, Julius brings over nine years of experience in social research for both the public and private sectors. Trained as a health economist with a PhD from the University of Manchester (UK), he specialises in analysing healthcare delivery programs and their causal impacts on population health at regional and nation-wide levels.

Julius has expertise in leading multi-stakeholder mixed-methods evaluations across various health systems, sectors, and disease areas. His experience includes conducting evaluations of the social benefit impacts on mental health outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa, establishing the health productivity and equity impacts of the largest HIV test and treat trial to date in Zambia and South Africa, leading the impact and cost evaluation of a large-scale targeted lung cancer screening pilot for the NHS in England, and providing guidance to a leading global life science company in driving policy change to enhance COPD screening and treatment in Europe.

While health remains the focal point of Julius’s work, he also possesses a keen interest and considerable experience in applying his statistical subject matter expertise to offer policy advice across diverse themes. He has provided guidance to the UK Department of Transport on methodological approaches to assess the impact of a rapid-charging fund on electric vehicle usage in England, has advised the Home Office on methodological approaches for evaluating the impacts of a terror prevention program and estimated the COVID-lockdown impacts on economic output in the UK.



  • Data analytics
  • Economic and market analysis
  • Evaluations
  • Regulatory and cost benefit analysis
  • Strategy and business cases



  • Health and wellbeing
  • Infrastructure and transport
  • Public sector policy and finance
  • Science and innovation
  • State, regional, and local government

Qualifications & accolades

  • PhD in Health Economics from the University of Manchester, UK, 2018
  • Master of Science in Development Economics from the Free University Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2014
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics from Heidelberg University, Germany, 2012.

Recent work highlights include:

  • Designing the impact and cost evaluation for a complex program totalling approximately GBP 200 million, aimed at addressing drug and alcohol treatment for homeless populations in England, commissioned by the UK Office of Health Improvement and Disparities
  • Developing research protocols for the cost and impact evaluation of a large-scale targeted lung cancer screening pilot in England
  • Developing a cost-consequence calculator for targeted lung cancer screening, focusing on associated costs and resource requirements, in preparation for a potential nationwide implementation within the NHS England.


Case studies

The impact of performance-based financing within local health systems: Evidence from Mozambique

Pay-for-performance in public ante- and post-natal healthcare in LMICs has the potential to improve health outcomes through improved delivery of care reflected in increased HIV-testing and better patient knowledge about disease transmission (read the paper in full here:

Economic shocks, health, and social protection: The effect of COVID-19 income shocks on health and mitigation trough cash transfers

COVID-19 induced income shocks caused adverse health outcomes, especially among poor populations. Raising social benefit payments for most economically vulnerable populations in South Africa protected this group from the adverse effects.