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We regularly publish articles on the work we do across the various sectors, regulatory bodies and government agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

Explore the value of nature beyond its aesthetic appeal. Environmental valuation frameworks and techniques allow us to understand the economic value of nature and make informed decisions in environmental policy and management.
Sapere provided expert advice on the design of a Climate Risk Framework for the WA government, exploring options for a staged approach, and aligning with international standards for climate risk disclosure, to support Western Australia's climate resilience efforts.
Financial management
The Financial Management Act 2006 forms the backbone of financial management for the WA Government, yet many public sector officers lacked familiarity with its provisions. In response, the WA Treasury asked Sapere to develop a comprehensive training program to improve practice and behaviour.
Rather than provide a volume discount, some utilities charge a higher rate for greater use. This approach, known as an inclining or rising block tariff, is often advocated as being a fair way to encourage conservation. But is this really the case? This article investigates.
Enabling a higher density of businesses and houses can bring many benefits to cities. It makes us as individuals, and as a society, richer – and not only in monetary terms. More choices of where to live, and less land per home, means lower house prices.
The Victorian Treasury offered A$1.1 billion in low-cost, long-term low-interest loans and state guarantees to community housing agencies. Our evaluation of this program managed the complexity of complementary social housing funding and financing programs in our analysis.