Dr Vijaya Ramamurthy


P: +61 3 9005 1454


Vijaya has over 30 years’ professional experience and specialises in public sector finance, policy and governance; policy and program review and reform; program evaluation and performance measurement; budget submission and business case development; Commonwealth-State relations; and capability building in these areas.

She has expertise experience in a range of policy portfolios including health, aged care, science, technology and innovation, industry development, climate change, emergency management, defence, child protection, arts and culture, disability and indigenous services, as well as in whole of government and cross-agency initiatives.

Vijaya previously held a range of senior to mid-range roles in the Western Australia public sector for 25 years, primarily in the Departments of Treasury and Health. She has practical knowledge of policy-making processes and financial management frameworks, and proven ability in providing evidence-based advice to support government decision-making.  Vijaya was also intimately involved in several major WA Government reviews and reforms, including two system-wide reviews and reform of the WA health system and the introduction of the State’s whole of government accrual budgeting framework.

Vijaya holds a PhD in Public Policy from Curtin University and a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Finance and Systems from the University of New South Wales.  She is a Certified Practising Accountant and an Adjunct Research Associate with Curtin University.

Vijaya is based in our Perth office in Western Australia.

Vijaya’s published work includes:

Fenna, A., Ramamurthy, V. and Phillimore, J. (2021) Australian Health-Care Federalism: beyond the logic of autonomy. In Beyond Autonomy: practical and theoretical challenges to 21st century federalism Fenwick, T. B., 137-157 Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill. Link

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Ramamurthy, V. L. (2012). Australian federalism and the use of tied grants: case studies of public hospitals and schools (Doctoral dissertation, Curtin University). Link.