Mehrnaz Rohani


P: +64 9 909 5810


Mehrnaz is an economist with expertise in applied economics including economic evaluation and data analysis. Her expertise crosses a range of industries including land use, land transport, transport and land use integration, natural resources and waste. Mehrnaz’s particular interest is in the monetisation of intangible outcomes using non-market valuation techniques.

She has local and central governments background with extensive experience in cost benefit analysis. Prior to joining Sapere, Mehrnaz held a principal role leading the update of New Zealand Transport Agency’s (NZTA) Monetised Benefits and Costs Manual. She is an active member of NZTA’s Business Case Approach Community of Practice’s executive committee looking after its economic evaluation portfolio.

She holds a Master’s of Economics (majors in econometrics and engineering economics) from Tehran, Iran.

My publications

Leading tax consultancy OliverShaw commissioned Sapere to prepare a report on the effective rates of tax imposed on the incomes of New Zealand residents. We use statistical data to identify groups of taxpayers and welfare beneficiaries with levels and types of wealth and economic income that are reasonably “illustrative” of the general population of taxpayers ...

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