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A review of aged care funding and service models: a strategic assessment of aged residential care and home and community support services

We were commissioned by Te Whatu Ora to undertake a strategic assessment of the aged care sector in New Zealand which involved a review of funding and service models for aged care services. The findings from this review set the foundation for the second phase of work, which will focus on redesigning funding and services to balance sustainability, quality and affordability.

The current settings around the supply and commissioning of aged care services raises several areas of concern. Equitable and timely service access has become compromised under a current state of workforce pressures, rural shortages, and funding inadequacies. The ageing population will put significant pressure on healthcare services, and the review highlights the following challenges currently facing older people and service deliverers throughout the sector.

The project involved David Moore, Jeff Loan, Mehrnaz Rohani, Rohan Trill, Nick Manning and Douglas Yee.