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Survey to better understand general practice costs – interim results

Sapere has been commissioned to provide advice to the interim entities (interim Health New Zealand and interim Māori Health Authority) on options for the future of primary care funding. While there is information that we can use on cost for many aspects of general practice, expenditure by different kinds of practice on rent and overheads is often invisible. To ensure we have an understanding of the range of these costs for general practices as we develop our advice we undertook a survey of general practices to gather this information.

The survey was sent to members of Practice Managers and Administrators Association of New Zealand (PMAANZ) on 12 December and 2 follow up emails were sent. The survey is still live and we are still seeking further responses from general practice.

This report provides interim results based on a small number of responses received from 12 to 31 December 2021. We expect to update this report with new data in the near future.