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Distilling success for Victorian spirit exports

The Australian craft distillery sector has grown significantly, with Victoria now having 188 distilleries. Sapere, commissioned by Agriculture Victoria, identified priority markets and developed market entry strategies for Victorian spirit exporters.

Staff spotlight

Sapere welcomes Jeremy Thorpe, our new Director, recently featured in the Australian Financial Review. Kicking off our staff spotlight series, Jeremy generously shared fascinating insights into his career and background.

Unveiling the intrinsic value of nature

Explore the value of nature beyond its aesthetic appeal. Environmental valuation frameworks and techniques allow us to understand the economic value of nature and make informed decisions in environmental policy and management.

What if every public sector officer could master financial management?

Financial management

The Financial Management Act 2006 forms the backbone of financial management for the WA Government, yet many public sector officers lacked familiarity with its provisions. In response, the WA Treasury asked Sapere to develop a comprehensive training program to improve practice and behaviour.

Utility pricing – to block or not to block

Rather than provide a volume discount, some utilities charge a higher rate for greater use. This approach, known as an inclining or rising block tariff, is often advocated as being a fair way to encourage conservation.
But is this really the case? This article investigates.

How low-density housing is making us poorer

Enabling a higher density of businesses and houses can bring many benefits to cities. It makes us as individuals, and as a society, richer – and not only in monetary terms. More choices of where to live, and less land per home, means lower house prices.

Expanding Victoria’s Real Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) System

SafeScript is the Victorian Government’s RTPM system. It enables prescribing registered medical practitioners, nurse practitioners and dispensing pharmacists to access accurate and up-to-date information regarding a patient’s medication history with respect to specific high-risk medicines in real time.

The economic benefits of a circular economy in Auckland

This report provides a view on the potential economic benefits of a more circular economy
for Auckland. It has been commissioned by the Sustainable Business Network to inform its
report on the circular economy opportunity for Auckland.