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Data Analytics

Providing Critical Insight

Our focus is providing our clients with the critical insights, evidence base and advice that they need to make complex decisions.

Our highly skilled data analytics team is made up of senior economists and modellers with extensive global sector experience.

Our people relish working with complex datasets and undertaking sophisticated modelling.

We frequently extend beyond conventional methods to provide tailored analysis that is highly regarded for its trusted and consistent quality.

No bulk solutions are prepared here.

What we do

We provide our clients with custom data sets, theoretical frameworks and an evidential basis to support decision-making in a diverse range of contexts.

The areas we are regularly called upon to provide modelling include but are not limited to:

  • Economic regulation
  • Health service planning
  • Investment planning
  • Energy market reforms
  • Natural resource management
  • Revenue regulation of network industry and critical infrastructure
  • Resource consents.

Helping you navigate complex requirements

Our state-of-the-art, highly secure cloud server can expand to meet any scale of data needs on demand, with access to tools such as SQL, R, Stata, and @Risk.

Our clients know they can rely on our considerable experience in handling large-scale, highly sensitive data, with the confidence that we can help them navigate the most complex requirements.



Our team’s blend of experience, a wide range of research expertise, exceptional analytical ability and industry-specific knowledge in public policy, legal and regulatory frameworks enable us to deliver an exceptional service to our clients.


Our modelling is relied on by government agencies, investors, regulators and private firms. Our services include a broad range of bespoke modelling and forecasting products, including:

  • Linking and analysis of large statistical and administrative datasets;
  • Time series modelling and forecasting;
  • Linear and non-linear optimization modelling;
  • Tariff and revenue modelling;
  • Micro-simulation (population) modelling;
  • Risk analysis and risk prediction modelling;
  • Machine learning;
  • Bespoke modelling of local power systems, generator simulation, energy and ancillary service prices;
  • Bayesian network influence modelling;
  • Short and Long Run Marginal Cost (SRMC/LRMC) calculations;
  • Earnings at risk (EaR)/value at risk (VaR), risk-weighted price modelling;
  • Duration and survival modelling;
  • Customer or population segmentation;
  • Ex-post evaluation using causal inference methods (including propensity score matching, interrupted time series and event study methods); and
  • Data visualisation.


As independent consultants, we frequently extend beyond conventional methods to provide tailored analysis that is highly regarded for its trusted and consistent quality.

Critical insight, evidence-based analysis and sophisticated modelling support, that is underpinned by objective, expert advice.

Key contacts

William Li

Rebecca Rippon

Dr Richard Tooth

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