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Property & Housing

Navigating Property Market Complexities

At Sapere, we have a deep understanding of the challenges present in property markets. We have a solid grasp of the needs of developers, investors, as well as local and central government stakeholders.

We offer expertise on a wide range of economic issues facing decision-makers in property markets. 

We have skillsets built from first-hand experience as market participants with professional expertise, economic and financial modelling.

What we do

We help our clients solve the complex problems they face in navigating property markets and applicable legislation.

Our team brings skills across the full suite of issues facing governments, investors, developers and owners. 

We offer support in the following areas:

  • Fulfilling the requirements of key stakeholders under the Resource Management Act, its replacement Acts, and other relevant legislation or planning framework
  • Expert witnesses 
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Evaluating the economic impacts of regulatory changes
  • Market analysis, forecasts and projections.


Fulfilling the executive requirements under the Resource Management Act and its replacement Acts.


  • Our advisors are experienced in producing economic impact assessments as required under the Resource Management Act
  • Assessing the consistency of developments with plan objectives.

Expert witnesses

Our specialists are skilful at providing expert witness testimony as required before all relevant legal bodies. 

Cost-benefit analysis

Our team is highly skilled in undertaking cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the impacts of legislative, planning, and investment decisions in property markets. 

Evaluating the economic impacts of regulatory changes

Legislative changes can have large impacts on property market direction, and the profitability of investment and development strategies. 

Our experts have the experience and understanding to help private sector clients navigate legislative impacts in their markets, and to help legislators understand the flow-on effects of legislative actions to best solve property market issues.

Market analysis, forecasts and projections

We have experience analysing markets, producing forecasts and projections to help inform policy-makers.


Examples of our work in property and housing

  • Economic impact assessment evaluating a planned redevelopment of industrial property into mixed-use apartments and retail in New Plymouth
  • Evaluating PwC’s cost-benefit analysis undertaken to estimate the impact of the medium-density residential standards amendment to the Resource Management Act for private sector clients
  • Valuing racecourses around the country, as part of a wider review of racing operations undertaken by Racing New Zealand
  • Providing economic evidence on land valuations, and estimated rental returns through time to settle historic land disputes
  • Cost-benefit analysis of Building for Climate Change amendments to the Building Act 2004 for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
From the private to the government sector, Sapere expertly advises clients using robust analysis and projections to help them navigate complex housing markets.

Key contacts

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