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Economic & Market Analysis

Bringing clarity to complex problems

Our focus is to help our clients understand the issues and opportunities they are facing. We do this by providing robust and insightful economic analyses of complex issues.

We provide critical insight and expert advice in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decision-making, and public policy and competition analysis.

Our professionals are skilled in a wide range of research methods and analytical tools to provide evidence-based expert economic advice.

Our clients value the insights we offer from decades of practical experience working alongside regulators, governments and businesses.

What we do

We conduct sophisticated, bespoke analysis and modelling support.

Our experts provide our clients with the theoretical framework and evidential basis to support decision-making in a variety of contexts, including economic regulation and investment planning.

We routinely apply our economic skills in fields such as:

  • Regulatory economics and policy analysis, including economic impact, benchmarking, regulatory impact statements, cost-benefit and cost-utility analyses
  • Industry, market and competition analysis
  • Pricing, revenue and asset strategies
  • Project and programme investment analysis
  • Market monitoring.

Examples of some of our recent work in economic and market analysis:

  • Energy market reforms in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore
  • Use of economic instruments used for managing natural resources including water use
  • Design and application of revenue regulation of network industries, such as electricity, gas, rail, telecommunications and critical infrastructure such as air and sea ports
  • Cost-benefit analysis for public policy decision-making and regulatory approvals including resource consents
  • Principal-agent analysis and analysis of expected performance for purposes of interpreting contracts and estimating damages.


Our team includes leading economists and analysts, with expertise across a wide range of sectors. We thrive on solving complex problems, which means each project we do is tailored to our client and the circumstances.

If we don’t know the answer, we will use our extensive international connections to find someone who does.

The collective skill sets and experience of our experts mean that we can offer economic services with a truly independent perspective, beyond superficial or obvious conclusions.

Key contacts

Kieran Murray

Dr Richard Tooth

David Graham

Preston Davies

Corina Comendant

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