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Energy & Decarbonisation

Industry and Impact Analysis

Sapere’s energy and decarbonisation team combines intellectual insight with practical commercial experience.

We are experienced in resolving complex issues relating to:

  • Electricity and electrification
  • Gas and biogas supply
  • Transport and fuel supply
  • Low carbon transition
  • New technology.

What we do

We bring a meticulous understanding of energy markets and environmental economics to bear on a wide range of complex issues, applying to:

  • Regulatory analysis
  • Market design
  • Economic modelling and forecasting
  • Valuing natural resources and externalities
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Revenue and price setting
  • Future scenarios
  • Security and reliability
  • Carbon abatement costing and scenario analysis
  • Carbon planning and quantifications
  • Measuring the impact of environmental and planning policies
  • Freshwater and three waters policy
  • Trading and risk management.


Examples of our work in energy and decarbonisation

  • Cost-benefit analysis of building for climate change amendments to the Building Act 2004
  • Market power mitigation in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM)
  • Business case for investment in Low Voltage Network Monitoring
  • Essential freshwater fegulations – Industry Impact Analysis
  • Benefits and costs of the Wilding Pine Management Programme Phase 2 executive summary
  • Review of governance of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) technical standards
  • Briefing to incoming government on climate action priorities
  • Distributed energy resources: Understanding the potential
  • What is really driving innovation in our plant-based sectors?
  • Achieving policy goals for the electricity industry
  • National Energy Security Assessment (NESA)
  • Benefits of an electricity futures market in Singapore – May 2016
  • Understanding the value of the electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner – October 2015
  • Errors in Australian Energy Regulator’s draft decision on Ergon Energy’s 2016 Tariff Structure Statement
  • A lack of joined-up thinking on energy, water and climate change objectives
  • A clearer high standard of trading conduct rule
  • Transitioning to zero net emissions by 2050: Moving to a very low-emissions electricity system in New Zealand
  • A review of the fiscal cost estimate of moving to averaging accounting for existing forests within the Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Review of competition in the retail electricity and natural gas markets in New South Wales
  • Scoping study for a consumer energy data access system
  • Corporate governance in the transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Electricity sector review – 2018
  • Independent review of operating environment factors used to adjust efficient operating expenditure for economic benchmarking
  • Transitioning to zero net emissions by 2050: moving to a very low-emissions electricity system in New Zealand
  • An exploration of locational marginal pricing at the distribution level in the New Zealand context
  • Provision of information to the NZ ETS
  • Sapere critique of Queensland Competition Authority’s draft (and Final) Determination for retail electricity prices for 2016-17.
Our reputation is founded on independent analysis and an in-depth knowledge of this industry.

Key contacts

Toby Stevenson

Kieran Murray

David Reeve

Corina Comendant

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