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Finance & Insurance

Intersecting Data

Sapere supports organisations across all industries to address challenging questions of financial economics and insurance. 

Our professionals bring academic rigour and diverse experience of best practices to arbitration, complex commercial litigation, regulation, and policy design.

What we do

We provide independent and objective expert reports and testimonies. Our experts deliver fact-based analysis, practical recommendations, and clarity where matters of finance, incentives, and regulation intersect. 

We provide consulting advice and litigation support on financial reporting, financial management, capital markets, cost of capital and valuation.

Our advice melds insights from finance and economics to: 

  • Estimate the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for commercial, regulatory, and litigation
  • Undertake event studies
  • Advise on capital structure
  • Assess financial metrics
  • Evaluate the role of insurance markets and policy design
  • Provide policy analysis of financial and prudential regulation
  • Design financial derivatives and risk instruments
  • Critique consumer credit regulation and assist entities to meet regulatory requirements.


Examples of our work in insurance and finance

Sapere works regularly across our multi-disciplinary teams to triangulate quantitative and qualitative data sources in order to construct the most robust evidence base possible.

Key contacts

Kieran Murray

Dr Glenn Boyle

John Wallace

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