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Primary Industries & Biosecurity

Cultivating Sustainable Industry

The primary industries are central to New Zealand’s economy. They dominate New Zealand’s exports and are crucial to our success.

New Zealand’s primary sector is rapidly evolving. 

Fast-paced innovation is required to keep up with ever-increasing consumer demands, regulation, and competition. 

We have a network of sector experts that we can draw on for a range of assignments. 

These include, but are not limited to, sector experts in forestry, agriculture, and fisheries.

What we do

Our deep sector knowledge extends to all primary sectors. 

It spans Australia and New Zealand, with our expertise able to be used across both regulatory environments. 

We offer consultancy services for a diverse range of areas, covering: 

  • Strategy
  • Policy development
  • Independent reviews
  • Expert advice
  • Innovation.


Our specialist services enable us to understand the challenges the industry faces and present tailored solutions.

Examples of our work in Primary Industries and Biosecurity

Sapere has conducted more than 10 reviews of Primary Growth Partnerships (PGP) and Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures programmes. 

Most recently, we completed the final evaluation of the Red Meat Profit Partnership for MPI. 

Other examples of our work in the primary industries and biosecurity include:

  • A review of New Zealand’s access to innovation facilities in the food and beverage, forestry and wood processing, and advanced manufacturing sectors
  • Investigation into the size of New Zealand’s bioeconomy
  • Investigation into the value of New Zealand’s agritech sector
  • The state of land-based farm systems scientific research in New Zealand
  • A report for Food HQ supporting an application for funding from the Provincial Growth Fund. 


We have a proven track record across all stages of the value chain. Whether it’s production, manufacturing, distribution, governance, or policy, we have the experience and the necessary expertise to assist our clients.

Our primary industry and biosecurity advisory and modelling services involve the development of independent reports for internal or public use as well as the provision of expert testimony.

Key contacts

David Moore

Sally Carrick

Matt Balmford

William Li

Peter MacIntyre

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