Our core values are independence, integrity and objectivity

Sapere is one of the largest expert services firms in Australasia. We provide independent expert testimony, strategic advisory services, data analytics and other advice to private sector corporate clients, major law firms, government agencies, and regulatory bodies internationally.

‘Sapere’ comes from Latin (to be wise) and the phrase ‘sapere aude’ (dare to be wise). The phrase is associated with German philosopher Immanuel Kant, who promoted the use of reason as a tool of thought; an approach that underpins all Sapere’s practice groups.

We build and maintain effective relationships as demonstrated by the volume of repeat work. Many of our experts have held leadership and senior management positions and are experienced in navigating complex relationships in government, industry, and academic settings.

We adopt a collaborative approach to our work and routinely partner with specialist firms in other fields, such as social research, IT design and architecture, and survey design. This enables us to deliver a comprehensive product and to ensure value for money.