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Independence Integrity Objectivity

We bring insight

Sapere is a leading expert services firm in Australasia. We help our clients navigate complex issues across economic, environmental, health, social, policy and forensic accounting matters. We provide robust advice through independent analysis and research.

Diverse, Collaborative and Curious

Objective advice and business analytics

Sapere has provided independent expert testimony, strategic advisory services, data analytics and other advice to Australasia’s private sector corporate clients, major law firms, government agencies, and regulatory bodies internationally since 1997. We have extensive experience navigating complex matters across a wide range of government, industry, and academic settings.

Sapere strives to lead the way, providing clients with direct access to specialist experts with strong international connectivity.

We are known for our ability to work closely with government, industry and legal teams on sensitive matters in a trusted manner.

What makes us different

Our core values of independence, integrity, and objectivity form the basis for everything that we do. We build and nurture our client relationships which is reflected in the volume of our returning clients.

As an agile, independent firm, our clients value our ability to deliver large, complex and sensitive projects, while bringing different perspectives and weighing in on every variable.

Our integrity. Your success.

About us

We are a Trans-Tasman team of industry-leading experts that take a problem-solving approach to complex issues.

As leaders in the provision of independent economic, forensic accounting and public policy services, we work closely with our clients to provide objective advice that is underpinned by the rigorous work of highly skilled individuals.

Our Industries

Our firm of specialist consultants are individual experts in their fields. Our clients have access to a cumulative wealth of career experience across a range of sectors, industries, and markets.

Our expertise and specialties

Our expertise lies in providing robust economic analysis and expert testimony across multiple complex sectors, with a commitment to objectivity and integrity.

We specialise in areas such as water and natural resources, forensic accounting, regulated industries, finance, public policy, health, economics, data analytics, valuation, litigation support, and international arbitration.

Independent analysis

Sapere is a leader in providing independent economic, forensic accounting and public policy services.

Sapere Aude - Dare to be Wise

‘Sapere’ comes from Latin (to be wise) and the phrase ‘sapere aude’ (dare to be wise). Philosopher Immanuel Kant penned the phrase when promoting the use of reason as a tool of thought; an approach that underpins all of Sapere’s practice groups.

We dare to be wise. 

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