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Strategy & Business Cases

Strategic Case Planning

Developing a strategy establishes the right direction for your organisation and its partners/stakeholders, and helps everyone focus their efforts on getting there.

Sapere provides an objective view of complex issues, providing analytical and other support to make better choices about where, when and how to invest effort and resources.

Our consultants are experienced in the development of Better Business Cases, providing objective analysis in a consistent format to decision-makers.

This allows for better comparability and transparency and enables the government to make smart investment decisions that maximise public value.

What we do

Developing good strategy
  • Analysis of business goals and objectives, to align current practice and performance SWOT and PEST(LE) analysis
  • Environmental scans and evidence reviews
  • Develop and application of prioritisation frameworks
  • Proactive engagement of stakeholders to consider their needs, wants, expertise, stake in the organisation and desired outcomes
  • Develop outcome and monitoring frameworks.
Investment proposals
  • Facilitate Investment Logic Mapping, to develop and document the logic underpinning a potential investment
  • Undertake economic appraisal of potential investment options, using quantitative methods and qualitative methods such as multi-criteria and cost-benefit analysis
  • Develop financial models to demonstrate the financial impact of investment proposals
  • Benefits management planning and modelling.


Examples of our work in strategy and business cases

We provide clients with a sound evidential basis to support decision-making in a variety of contexts, conducting sophisticated analysis and modelling support.

Key contacts

David Moore

David Graham

Matt Balmford

Dr Richard Tooth

Dr Vijaya Ramamurthy

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