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International Arbitration

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

Our teams have been involved in large and complex arbitrations around the world.

Sapere has extensive experience in providing expert testimony and litigation support services.

Our experience includes providing expert reports and oral testimony under various arbitration rules (such as ICC, UNCITRAL, ICSID, CIETAC, ACICA and IAMA) in numerous jurisdictions, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland.

We have been instructed to provide opinions on matters regarding:

  • Damages
  • Accounting issues
  • Revenue and pricing
  • Valuations including business and IP valuation.


The issues on which we are asked to provide expert opinions include matters arising from Bilateral Investment Treaties, Build Operate Transfer Agreements, business interruption, breach of contract, early terminations and solvency issues.

What we do

Sapere offers our international and domestic clients significant expertise and experience at competitive rates.

Operating from Australia and New Zealand, we are ideally located to service the needs of our clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

Examples of the various matters in which Sapere has been involved with international arbitration include:

  • The assessment of damages arising from a breach of contract involving multinational companies in the mining sector (Singapore)
  • A claim for loss of profit and loss of opportunity arising from the alleged failure of a machine in the medical waste disposal sector (Australia)
  • The losses arising from the early termination of an exclusive distribution agreement (International Chamber of Commerce)
  • Pricing of access to seaport facilities (New Zealand)
  • The assessment of damages arising from a breach of contract involving multinational companies and a joint venture in the technology sector (Singapore)
  • Valuation of specialised assets and pricing for aeronautical services (New Zealand)
  • The assessment of damages, based on the valuation of companies managing schools in Asia and the Middle East (Singapore)
  • Service performance on long-term contracts for managing electricity networks (New Zealand)
  • The assessment of the amount payable for early termination of a Build Operate Transfer contract in the mobile telecommunications sector (Switzerland).


Our team has accumulated decades of experience in the provision of expert witness services, ranging from large and complex disputes to small quantum or single-issue matters.

The repeat work we get from clients is testimony to the skills and value that our experts can provide.

Sapere prides itself in providing its clients with independent, clear and concise expert reports and testimony.

Key contacts

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