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Regulatory & Cost-Benefit Analysis

Assessing Economic Viability

Our in-depth understanding of regulatory systems allows us to provide decisive evidence-based analysis to help decision-makers make informed decisions.

We provide practical advice – from designing regulatory systems and public interventions to detailed modelling and implementation.

Our expertise is frequently sought out by government departments, regulators and regulated entities to provide specialist support and advice on the potential impacts of regulatory and government decisions.

Our highly skilled team includes economists, former senior public officials, former regulators and skilled data analysts.

What we do

  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Regulatory impact statements
  • Advice on economic regulation including price-quality regulation, market structure and regulatory interventions
  • Competition and market analysis
  • Complex modelling
  • Regulatory and operational strategies
  • Compliance and monitoring frameworks
  • Prioritisation and investment decision-making
  • Risk identification
  • Business cases.


Examples of our work in regulatory and cost-benefit analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis of an organic waste collection service
  • Pricing for third-party access to water infrastructure services
  • Cost-benefit analysis of proposed building system regulations
  • Regulatory Impact Statement for the Kermadec Marine Sanctuary
  • Modelling wholesale price risks for downstream investment decisions
  • Regulatory impact statement for land information regulations
  • Calculating the cost burden on developers to consent infrastructure projects
  • Cost-benefit analysis of transmission pricing proposal
  • Cost-benefit analysis of community recycling centres
  • Cost-benefit information to support a regulatory impact statement on National Environmental Standards for Drinking Water
  • Development of a cost-benefit analysis database for central government
  • Advice on the economic regulation of Three Waters services.
We work with our clients to ensure the evidence base is fit for purpose and frequently extends beyond conventional methods to provide tailored analysis and data sets.

Key contacts

David Graham

Dr Richard Tooth

David Moore

Sally Carrick

Melissa Skilbeck

Michelle Hall

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