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Shaping opportunities of the future

Our diverse and highly skilled team partners with some of the world's leading experts, bringing in-depth acumen, transparent and ethical, economic analysis and equitable expert testimony to a multitude of complex industries.

Our Industries

Sapere specialises in sectors such as energy and natural resources, forensic accounting, regulated industries, finance, public policy, health, economics, data analytics, valuation, litigation support, and international arbitration.
Providing independent analysis and advice to the arts and culture sector, government agencies and other cultural sector bodies.
Assisting clients in developing innovative solutions for energy transformation with a detailed understanding of energy markets and environmental economics across a range of complex issues.
Preparation of business cases and cost-benefit analyses for regionally significant projects and economic development materials for every level of government.
Independent advice across environmental and energy policy, regulation and strategy, including electricity, gas, water, transport, climate change and primary industry sectors.
Consulting advice, expert reports, testimony and litigation support on financial reporting, financial management, capital markets, cost of capital and valuation.
Strategy reviews, policy development, program evaluation, system reviews, service planning and delivery, funding reviews and implementation in the health and social sectors.
Financial modelling expertise and legislative support within the transport, energy, water, natural resources, telecommunications, civic infrastructure, and urban planning and development sectors.
We are passionate about supporting the Māori economy in creating employment and achieving equity, providing keen insights, policy recommendations, and strategy formulation.
Sapere provides consultancy services across a range of areas within Primary Industries and Biosecurity, including policy development, strategy and independent reviews.
Urban and regional development support, including social and economic research and spatial economics to all tiers of government and industry sector organisations.
Approved All of Government provider in New Zealand and state and Commonwealth government panels across Australia.
Sapere offers strategic microeconomic advice including evaluation, regulatory and cost-benefit analysis services to all levels of government as well as the private sector.
Strategic economic advice and data analysis to all levels of state and regional governments and to businesses and organisations dealing with various levels of government in both New Zealand and Australia.