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Health & Wellbeing

Advancing Healthcare

Our mission is to support health system decision-makers and change-makers at all levels of the health system.

From long-term health planning, understanding the cost-effectiveness of new treatments and technologies, through re-designing models of care and service delivery, and enabling fit-for-purpose infrastructure, people, process and technology.

Creating a sustainable future means creating a high-performing health system for our growing, ageing and diverse populations to achieve healthy futures for everyone, ensuring nobody is left behind.

Our work addresses the pressures on our health workforce and infrastructure in a post-pandemic era. We help to uncover opportunities from new forms of treatment and diagnosis, and to ensure policies are people, family and equity centric with a focus on prevention and the best use of resources.

We are adept at working with different groups of people to help develop new approaches to navigate the challenges of health care. 

Our experts have held senior positions at public sector agencies in New Zealand, Australia, and other jurisdictions. They bring an extensive and diverse skill set, with a deep understanding of institutional and technical contexts, many from university-level teaching and research backgrounds.

What we do

Our diverse portfolio reaches across public health, primary and community services, hospital and specialist care, mental health and addictions, and disability support.

Our work ranges from:

  • Strategic planning and policy development
  • Commissioning advice and support, including health needs analyses, service planning, procurement support, service reviews, monitoring and programme evaluation
  • Payment system development and design, costing and pricing, funding reviews
  • Data analytics, demand and capacity modelling, and economic approaches including cost-benefit and cost-utility analysis
  • Service planning and business cases to support capital and other investment


The Sapere health and wellbeing advisory team have made important contributions to improved health and social services and the pursuit of health equity for Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Examples of our work in health and wellbeing

We combine a rigorous approach to analysing problems with practical and long-standing experience working with diverse groups, offering a comprehensive suite of skills to our clients.

Key contacts

David Moore

Rebecca Drew

Dr Julie Artus

Dr Vijaya Ramamurthy

Rebecca Rippon

Melissa Skilbeck

Peter Huskinson

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