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Public Sector, Policy & Finance

Independent Policy Analysis

Our public sector, policy and finance team offers independent public policy analysis for clients across the public, private and community sectors. 

We provide authoritative, evidence-based research, analysis, and advice across a range of specialist areas. 

Sapere is an approved provider for All of Government (New Zealand), for whole of government panels in New South Wales and Victoria, and other government panels across Australia.

What we do

Our experts possess a comprehensive and hands-on understanding of policy development and assessment. Many of our team have held senior positions within government in Australia and New Zealand. 

We leverage this expert knowledge to deliver practical and robust analysis, helping our clients navigate complex public policy issues and drive positive change. 

  • Clear problem definition, using analytical frameworks and intervention logic
  • In-depth literature reviews and environmental scanning
  • Robust regulatory impact statements, cost-benefit and quantitative analysis 
  • Tailored stakeholder engagement 
  • Thorough business case development. Our team are well-versed in the New Zealand Treasury Better Business Case method, and similar methods in other jurisdictions
  • Rigorous evaluation and monitoring
  • Expert organisational and baseline reviews
  • First-hand experience in budget and financial management.


Examples of our work in Public Sector, Policy and Finance

Sapere has a strong track record of providing research and advice to public sector clients across New Zealand and Australian federal and state governments. 

We also have experts who are well-versed in conducting strategic baseline and organisational reviews.

Our approach is collaborative and supports evidence-based decision-making and effective implementation. 

Some examples include:

  • Strategic baseline review of the Electricity Authority in New Zealand
  • Development of a prototype toolkit tracking the distributional impacts of the transition to a low-emissions future in New Zealand
  • Development of a rapid cost-benefit analysis and regulatory impact statement on proposed Energy Performance Ratings and Waste Management Plans in New Zealand
  • Leading the development of the indicative and detailed business cases for a major investment in the redevelopment of the Dunedin Hospital campus
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the proposed extension of the runway at Wellington International Airport
  • Evaluation of the wider socio-economic impacts of Ultrafast Broadband in New Zealand 
  • Literature review of incentives for providers and health systems to reduce patient harm
  • Construction of a detailed costing model to inform the development and roll-out of the National Bowel Screening Programme in New Zealand
  • Delivering a formative evaluation of a pilot programme to assist Māori who have exhibited harmful behaviours, using a kaupapa Māori approach.


We have helped clients with problems at different stages of the policy cycle, from defining the policy problem, designing and analysing the options for solutions, modelling costs and benefits, to reviewing the programme or policy once in place.

Our knowledge of the practicalities of policymaking is combined with a thorough understanding of the range of approaches commonly used to develop and assess public policy and regulatory development.

Key contacts

David Moore

Melissa Skilbeck

Dr Vijaya Ramamurthy

Kieran Murray

Sally Carrick

David Graham

Matt Balmford

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