Antitrust & competition

Sapere’s experts are highly proficient and experienced in competition economic analysis for law enforcement, compliance, and policy reviews.

Our experts have held senior management positions in competition law enforcement agencies and as competition policy advisors to government.

Sapere’s experts have made important representations and submissions in competition law enforcement and compliance investigations and competition policy reviews across Australasia.

What we do

Sapere’s experts are engaged in the competition economic analysis of mergers and acquisitions, as well as allegations of collusive conduct, abuse of market power, foreclosure and exclusionary conduct, and anti-competitive horizontal and vertical agreements and restraints.

Our understanding of the legal framework created by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and Commerce Act 1986 allows us to interface and work effectively with competition law enforcement agencies, legal advisers and other professionals. We are also adept at analysing the economic implications of proposed changes in the context of competition policy reviews.

We combine intellectual rigour with practical experience and an in-depth understanding of industries and markets to provide economic analysis and objective expert testimony.

Our disciplined approach to economic analysis produces unbiased, clear, and defensible findings.