Economics & data analytics

Sapere provides sophisticated and comprehensible analysis of complex economic issues to assist our clients in understanding the issues and opportunities facing them.  Our professionals are skilled in a wide range of research methods to support evidence-based expert economic advice and data analytics.  We provide critical insight and expert advice in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decision-making, and public policy and competition analysis.  We work with our clients to ensure the evidence base is fit for purpose – frequently we extend beyond conventional methods to provide tailored analysis and assemble boutique data sets.

Our recent work has included providing advice on:

  • Energy market reforms in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore;
  • Use of economic instruments used for managing natural resources including water use;
  • Design and application of revenue regulation of network industries – electricity, gas, rail, telecommunications – and critical infrastructure such as air and sea ports
  • Cost benefit analysis for public policy decision-making and regulatory approvals including resource consents.
  • Principal-agent analysis and analysis of expected performance for purposes of interpreting contracts and estimating damages.

What we do

We provide clients with the theoretical framework and evidential basis to support decision making in a variety of contexts including economic regulation and investment planning.  We conduct sophisticated, boutique analysis and modelling support.

We frequently handle very large, confidential data sets, for which Sapere has a secure, virtualised server that is scalable on demand. Tools at our disposal include SQL, R, Stata, and @Risk as well as the standard MS Office suite.


Our services are underpinned by a wide range of research expertise in both economics and data analytics.  We bring to our assignments exceptional analytical ability, deep knowledge of specific industries, and experience in public policy, regulatory, and legal processes.  We routinely apply these skills in fields such as:

  • Regulatory economics and policy analysis, including economic impact, cost benefit and cost utility analyses;
  • Industry, market and competition analysis;
  • Pricing, revenue and asset strategies;
  • Project/program investment analysis; and
  • Market monitoring.

Our products include a broad range of bespoke modelling and forecasting products, including:

  • Linking and analysis of large statistical and administrative datasets;
  • Time series modelling and forecasting;
  • Linear and non-linear optimization modelling;
  • Tariff and revenue modelling;
  • Micro-simulation (population) modelling;
  • Risk analysis and risk prediction modelling;
  • Machine learning;
  • Bespoke modelling of local power systems, generator simulation, energy and ancillary service prices;
  • Bayesian network influence modelling;
  • Short and Long Run Marginal Cost (SRMC/LRMC) calculations;
  • Earnings at risk (EaR)/value at risk (VaR), risk weighted price modelling;
  • Duration and survival modelling;
  • Customer or population segmentation;
  • Ex-post evaluation using causal inference methods (including propensity score matching, interrupted time series and event study methods); and
  • Data visualisation.