Evaluation services

We provide independent evaluation of policies, programmes and services. We offer the full range of evaluation services – from rapid “in flight” reviews to complex, large-scale and multi-year evaluations.

We work with you and your stakeholders to design and implement reviews and evaluations using custo-mised approaches that are tailored to the context. Our evaluators are skilled in a range of evaluation theories, and qualitative and quantitative methods. This means we can deliver a comprehensive evaluation product. Methods we often use include:

  • In-depth interviews and focus groups;
  • Surveys (including paper-based and online);
  • Case studies;
  • Data analysis, including analysis of statistical and administrative data, and advanced modelling;
  • Quantification of “hard to measure” outcomes such as intangible social, economic and cultural impacts;
  • Analysis of financial performance and efficiency/value for money; and
  • Literature and document reviews.

Our evaluators have particular expertise in evaluating within complex, changing and uncertain environments. We apply an adaptive and responsive approach that is suitable for evaluating innovative and pilot programmes.

A key point of difference in our approach is that the skill sets of our experts allow us to probe beyond the superficial or most obvious conclusions – by asking the deeper questions and exploring empirical supporting evidence, we offer strategic reviews and evaluations with a truly independent perspective.

What we do

We provide end-to-end evaluation services, including:

  • Developing outcomes frameworks/logic models and results measurement frameworks;
  • Ex ante appraisal (e.g., cost benefit analysis, economic impact analysis, regulatory impact analysis, business cases);
  • Stakeholder engagement, including interviews and focus groups, consultation documents and submissions analysis;
  • Results monitoring;
  • Evaluation scoping and design;
  • Independent evaluations and reviews; and
  • Policy development, programme design and service planning.

We work as multi-disciplinary teams to triangulate the quantitative and qualitative data sources, in order to construct the most robust evidence base possible. We provide independent assessments of the results, and develop practical recommendations for ways in which the design or implementation of policies, programmes or services can be changed, so that they better meet their objectives and deliver the desired outcomes. Our experienced evaluators can effectively and efficiently manage the entire evaluation process. Some examples of our work are listed below.

  • Economic evaluation of the New Zealand bowel screening pilot
  • Evaluation of the Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Services (SAATS)
  • Evaluation of the St John Clinical Hub
  • Economic evaluation of the New Zealand alcohol or other drug treatment court pilot
  • Evaluation of 'urgent community care' ambulance pilots
  • Evaluation of the Complex Care Intensive Wrap Around Services for Families with Disabled Family Members
  • Disability Information and Advisory Services and Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Review
  • Evaluation of the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Support Key Worker Services
  • Assessment of the implementation of the Productive Ward and Productive Operating Theatre programmes in New Zealand
  • Child Development Team and Paediatric Developmental Disability Service Review
  • Auditory Processing Disorder Review
  • Review of third party accreditation of designated auditing agencies for aged residential care facilities

  • An economic impact analysis of the development of a rocket industry in New Zealand
  • The impact of New Zealand’s participation in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)
  • Impact assessment (evaluation and cost benefit analysis) of AuScope

  • Mid-term review of the Primary Growth Partnership Programme Shellfish Production and Technology New Zealand (SPATnz) programme
  • Review of the Primary Growth Partnership Programme Precision Seafood Harvesting
  • Evaluation of the factors behind the entrance into NZ of Psa-V that impacted on the kiwifruit industry and an evaluation of the response to the virus
  • Ōpōtiki Aquaculture and Harbour Development Projects: Assessment of Social and Community Benefits
  • Economic Impact of Coromandel Aquaculture

  • Evaluation of the Partnership Arrangement for Customs sector development in the Pacific and Timor Leste
  • Evaluation of Phase 2 of the Fiji Rotahomes project
  • Evaluation of the New Zealand Medical Treatment Scheme
  • Evaluation of the Institutional Linkage Programme between the Samoa National Health Service and Counties Manukau District Health Board
  • Assessment and redesign of the Mekem Strong Solomon Islands Fisheries aid programme
  • Independent Progress Review of the Australia Awards Papua New Guinea
  • Evaluation of tax revenue reform in the Pacific
  • Evaluation of New Zealand’s support for Pacific fisheries

  • Economic impact assessment of the New Zealand Screen Production Grant - International
  • Economic impact statement (including cultural effects) for the proposed World Heritage status related enhancements to Auckland’s volcanic landscape
  • Evaluation of the Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Economic Significance of Māori Traditional Knowledge.
  • Review of the economic and other impacts of parallel importing on creative industries

  • Review of the Christchurch Integrated Government Accommodation programme
  • Evaluation of the Auckland Co-Design Lab
  • Evaluation of the prototype Government Centre for Dispute Resolution
  • Evaluation of the Analysis for Outcomes initiative, which comprises the Integrated Data Infrastructure led by Statistics New Zealand and the Analysis and Insights team in Treasury
  • 2015 Regulatory Impact Analysis Evaluation: evaluation of a sample of 50 Regulatory Impact Statements and their independent quality assurance statements