Investigations & financial crime risk

In today’s fast-paced and globally connected business environment, corporate crime and misconduct poses real and significant threats to your organisation’s reputation and integrity. Adverse media coverage, regulatory attention, financial losses and, in severe cases, the survival of the business are some of the potential consequences.

Our dedicated forensic professionals specialise in assisting organisations and their legal advisors by responding rapidly to instances of corporate crime and misconduct, managing regulatory challenges and providing considered advice to effectively manage and mitigate the risks.

What we do

Our multi-disciplinary team of dedicated forensic accountants specialise in providing high quality, timely investigative and financial crime risk services. We assist companies and their legal counsel to investigate facts, assess risk, resolve disputes and manage regulatory challenges.

We respond rapidly to instances of alleged corporate fraud, whistle-blowing, employee negligence, white-collar crime, regulatory violations, and bribery & corruption allegations, and ensure an effective, prompt, cost-effective and objective investigation.

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We respond rapidly to assist our clients in dealing with allegations of corporate crime and related misconduct, including fraud, bribery, corruption, regulatory violations and whistleblower disclosures. Our forensic professionals have the right experience, backgrounds and skills to proficiently conduct independent, objective and cost-effective investigations.

What we do:
• Respond promptly to manage concerns
• Establish the facts, evaluate implications and identify appropriate actions
• Communicate with relevant parties, including regulators and law enforcement agencies

Our forensic accountants work with their legal counterparts and apply their skills, experience and sophisticated tracing techniques to locate and recover assets by following money trails, deconstructing schemes and unravelling complex corporate holdings.

What we do:
• Trace money flows
• Reconstruct accounting records
• Understand complex relationships to identify beneficial owners and concealed assets

We work with a diverse range of experienced business associates to advise and assist clients with the efficient collection, preservation and analysis of data from digital sources, to reduce risk and control costs in circumstances involving investigations, regulatory enquiries and litigation.

What we do:
• Identify and preserve data from different forms of electronic media
• Understand and interpret large data sets efficiently and cost-effectively
• Facilitate the data management process, enabling clients to focus on the important issues

Working with credible business associates, our professionals assist clients in making informed decisions about transactions in unfamiliar markets and with new business partners, by conducting discreet integrity due-diligence on third party organisations and individuals, and providing relevant, accurate and reliable intelligence.

What we do:
• Gather information through interviews, social media and publicly available information.
• Assess political connections, local reputation and perceived probity of prospective business partners
• Provide relevant, accurate and reliable intelligence

We assist clients to comply with recently amended whistleblower protection legislation through policies and processes that encourage their people to speak up about wrongdoing, without fear of victimisation or reprisal.

What we do:
• Advise on whistleblower and related policies and processes
• Consultation on dealing with whistleblower disclosures
• Independent investigation of whistleblower disclosures
• Support development and delivery of training and awareness programs

We assist our clients to effectively manage their exposure to the risks of fraud, bribery and corruption, through measures focused on prevention, detection and response to these risks.

What we do:
• Understand financial crime risks and related processes and controls
• Identify control or process ‘gaps’ that can be exploited to commit fraud, bribery and corruption
• Develop pragmatic processes and effective controls to address ‘gaps’