Health & social services

Sapere’s experts bring significant experience and expertise from across the health and social services sectors, covering all aspects of the health sector, and numerous influential social sector assignments. Our work has ranged from strategy reviews, policy development, program evaluation, system reviews, service planning and delivery, funding reviews and implementation.

We excel in robust analysis to inform policy, program and operational design and improvement, and we have diverse skills and capacity across a range of areas from education to health, justice, and the disability sectors, with a strong understanding of institutional and technical context. Our areas of expertise include program evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, cost-utility analysis, detailed financial analysis, economic evaluation, regulatory impact analysis, funding analysis and other economic approaches. We have been at the leading edge of working with policy implications of cross sectoral data sets, integrating that skill with policy analysis and qualitative skills.

Our experts have held senior positions at public sector agencies both in New Zealand, Australia, and other jurisdictions, have been involved with university level teaching and research, and have participated in high level international training programs. We are adept at working with diverse groups of professionals to develop new approaches to the challenges of health care.


What we do

Sapere’s experts are engaged in matters, for example, involving the sustainability and funding of health services, new funding arrangements in the education sector, contractual mechanisms to support health care, quality of care, service planning and evaluation, and intersectoral approaches to resolving intractable issues of inequity . Our experts have made important contributions to improved health and social services. We combine a rigorous approach to analysing problems with practical experience from a range of settings, and long standing experience of working with clinical professionals. The members of our health care team bring a range of expertise and experience, and offer a comprehensive suite of skills to our clients.

We have completed business cases and cost benefit development with a number of groups including:

  • Developing an investment framework for a North Island Iwi identifying the capitalised cost of social and health services, leading to a transformational change in the Crown/Iwi relationship;
  • Business case for a palliative care network and hospice;
  • Reconfiguring rural health care services and working, on the ground, with small regional trusts;
  • Facility redevelopment business cases for substantial tertiary care hospitals including development of the clinical services plan, the indicative business case, and the detailed business case for Dunedin hospital;
  • Evaluating the merits of increasing the use of videoconferencing to deliver essential human services across Australia, particularly to the residents of remote communities;
  • Conducting detailed financial and cost benefit analyses of major hospital infrastructure developments in New South Wales, as well as court and forensic research facilities in NSW and the ACT;
  • Financial modelling of the short and long-term impacts to an Australian state government from a COAG-proposed change to health and social services funding responsibilities;
  • Regional clinical services plan over a 25- 30 year period, involving clinicians in participative processes in numerous district health boards;
  • Cost benefit analysis of public health proposals;
  • Analysis of the market for general practice management systems and other e-health projects;
  • Health technology assessments of diagnostics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and services; and
  • Developing quality frameworks in primary care and assisting with establishment of a quality commission.

  • An extensive review of New Zealand’s education funding mechanism;
  • Data analysis and modelling for health service demand and financing, for a large number of health agencies, with a view to achieving systems change;
  • Business case development including analysis of costs and benefits for capacity wide range of service interventions from surgical site infection through to a high profile analyses of bowel screening and fluoridation of drinking water, to cost utility analysis of new pharmaceuticals;
  • A functional review of mental health in an Australian state;
  • Quantitative analysis of health activity data to inform paediatric and neo-natal transport service reform for an Australian state; and
  • Analysis of the potential use of price signalling and other demand-driven tools for more efficient of medical resources.