Business Case for Investment in Low Voltage Network Monitoring

The purpose of this report, prepared for the Electricity Networks Association, is to make the general case for investment in monitoring the low voltage network. It follows the ‘Better Business Case’ approach with the analysis being structured around four cases.

The business case has been prepared by Sapere, with input and feedback from an industry working group, facilitated by the ENA, at key stages of development. It has also been informed by the preparation of a Primer and Guideline document, also prepared by Sapere for the ENA, which provides information on LV monitoring internationally and guidance on the selection and use of LV monitoring technology.

The Primer and Guideline document is available online:


David Reeve

David is an expert in electric power systems and markets.

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Gary Blick

Gary is an economist with extensive experience in a range of sectors.

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Ben Barton

Ben takes an interdisciplinary approach to his research.

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