Electricity Sector Review 2018

In this report, prepared for the BusinessNZ Energy Council, we consider whether the electricity sector is meeting five enduring public policy objectives that seem enduring for policymakers across countries and time. We consider whether the objective is being achieved today and whether it is likely to be achieved given emerging influences.

The five policy objectives are:

  • Security of supply
  • Efficient operation of the wholesale and retail sector
  • Efficient use, and investment in, long-life assets
  • Meeting community or social minimums
  • Integrating environmental objectives


Corina Comendant

Corina is experienced in environmental research and economic reform.

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David Reeve

David is an expert in electric power systems and markets.

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Toby Stevenson

Toby is an expert in energy market risk management.

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Kieran Murray

Kieran is an expert in regulation, competition and public policy.

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