Evaluation of the surgical site infection improvement programme: Final (summative) report

The Health Quality & Safety Commission engaged Sapere to undertake an evaluation of the Surgical Site Infection Improvement Programme. The overall aim of the evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of the programme against the purpose and objectives articulated over time since the SSII programme was established formally in 2012.

In this final evaluation report, we present our summative findings. We assess whether there has been a reduction in SSI rates as a result of the programme interventions on the basis of orthopaedic and cardiac programme data. We present results of a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) completed to assess the value-for-money of investment in the SSII programme and a brief update on findings reported in the interim evaluation against other programme objectives and evaluation areas.

The interim, formative report is also available:


Julie Artus

Julie specialises in health planning, analysis, policy and evaluation.

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Michael Ryan

Michael’s expertise includes forecasting and cost-benefit analysis.

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