Gambling Harm Reduction Needs Assessment

This needs assessment was done as part of the Ministry’s strategy to reduce gambling harm, as required under the Problem Gambling Act 2003.

The Ministry of Health is the department responsible for developing an integrated problem gambling strategy under the Gambling Act 2003. The strategy must include public health promotion, services to treat problem gamblers, research and evaluation. It is also a legislative requirement that the process to develop the strategy includes conducting a needs assessment. The current strategy runs to 2019 and therefore requires refreshing or updating in 2018 for future years. This needs assessment will inform the next strategy.

The needs assessment will highlight any gaps between the research evidence, population needs, service provision and the goal of the Ministry’s strategic plan. In doing so, the needs assessment informs service planning to produce an appropriate distribution of health services to promote health-gains and better outcomes for the population.


Rebecca Rippon

Rebecca specialises in population and health care services analysis.

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Dr Reinhard Pauls

Reinhard specialises in regulatory economics and public policy.

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