Interim evaluation of the surgical site infection improvement programme

Sapere Research Group was engaged by the Health Quality & Safety Commission to undertake an evaluation of the Surgical Site Infection Improvement Programme.

The purpose of this interim, formative report is to identify key insights and learnings, primarily from review of documentation and stakeholder interviews, to help shape the design and planning of the next phase of programme activity.

In this report we:
(a) describe why the programme was established and how it has developed;
(b) assess the success of the programme against key quadrants of performance; and
(c) identify learnings to inform ongoing implementation of the SSIIP and other Commission quality improvement programmes.

At the end of June 2018, we will present our final, summative evaluation report.


Julie Artus

Julie specialises in health planning, analysis, policy and evaluation.

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Michael Ryan

Michael’s expertise includes forecasting and cost-benefit analysis.

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