Data Driven Decision making in New Zealand 29-04-2015

This report estimates the value for the economy of using data to make decisions, as opposed to other methods of making decision, like relying on hunches. We estimate that New Zealand shared $2.4 billion of value by using data to make smarter decisions and to develop new products and services. There are opportunities to roughly double this economic value just by lifting the uptake of data-driven decisionmaking within businesses and government agencies. There is a role for the government with smart regulation, support for open data, and demonstrating the practical benefits of using data. But the main actions here rely on individual businesses to take advantage of what the greater availability and ease of use of data has to offer their bottom line.

This report was funded by Business New Zealand, Chorus, Crown Fibre Holdings, Google New Zealand, Retailers Association, Internet New Zealand and Xero, members of the Innovation Partnership.


Preston Davies

Preston advises on public policy, cost-benefit analysis, and applied microeconomics.

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