Patient Portals Financial Modelling Tool

This financial modelling tool has been developed by Sapere experts for the use with medical practices to assess the impact of patient portal implementation on general practice costs and revenues, as well as staffing levels. The aim of the modelling is to help practices better understand the financial and workload impact of implementing a patient portal.


This model is intended to stimulate ‘what if’ scenario thinking among practice owners and primary care clinicians.
Like all models, it is a simplified version of reality. Hence, the model outputs should not be relied upon solely to make financial investment decisions or resource allocations decisions. Sapere accepts no liability for any losses or costs incurred as result of decisions taken based on this model. We are happy to provide more in-depth assistance if you wish to undertake a more detailed options analysis. Default values and settings in this spreadsheet are not intended to provide a benchmark for any particular model of care. No inferences should be made from the default settings and values.


Dr Tom Love

Tom specialises in health economics and primary health care.

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