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Peter MacIntyre

Peter MacIntyre


Peter has notably broad experience in Government and the private sector covering economics, strategy and evaluations in the telecommunications, media, energy and primary sectors. Peter has completed 9 reviews of Primary Growth Partnerships (PGP). He has also investigated the size of NZ’s bioeconomy and the value of NZ’s agritech sector. Consistent with his experience, Peter has worked on a wide range of topics in those sectors but also climate change, environmental policy, water allocation, forestry, RMA reform, overseas development assistance projects. Peter commonly works with subject area specialists on his assignments.



  • Economic and market analysis
  • Evaluations
  • Financial modelling
  • Regulatory and cost benefit analysis
  • Strategy and business cases


  • Climate and environment
  • Economic development
  • Energy and decarbonisation
  • Infrastructure and transport
  • Primary industries
  • Public sector policy and finance
  • Science & innovation
  • State, regional and local government

Qualifications & accolades

  • Masters in Commerce, University of Canterbury
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Commerce, (Economics and Marketing) from Lincoln University

Recent work highlights include:

  • Completed 9 reviews of Primary Growth Partnerships (PGP) with the most recent ones being:
    • The venison focused Passion2Profit Programme in 2018
    • Transforming Dairy Value Chain in 2019, the largest one at $165 million
    • The Sheep Horizons Three PGP in 2020
    • ANZCO FoodPlus PGP in 2020
    • The Dairy Goat Cooperative CAPRINZ programme in 2021
    • Red Meat Profit Partnership in 2022.
  • Assisted the Sustainable Business Council and the Climate Leaders Coalition prepare their Response to Emissions Reduction Plan discussion document. This provided evidence to support a significant increase in funding for research of ways to mitigate agricultural green house gas emissions.


Case studies

An evaluation of the costs of pest wasps (Vespula species) by Peter MacIntyre and John Hellstrom
This study assessed the economic impact of German wasps (Vespula germanica) and common wasps (V. vulgaris) across industries, society and the natural environment in New Zealand.