Dylan James

Dylan James


Dylan James has more than 20 years of experience as a strategy, policy, and regulatory specialist, particularly in infrastructure, climate change, funding reviews, business strategy, policy evaluation, regulatory design and evaluation, regulation of network industries, and environmental regulation.

Qualified in economics and business strategy, Dylan focuses on the interface between business strategy, regulatory policy, competition issues and corporate strategy and governance. Dylan also advises companies and governments on the economic and financial viability of infrastructure investments by assisting with demand assessments, financial analysis, and asset valuations. His work has included a range of commercial strategy, regulatory, and investment advice.



  • Economic and market analysis
  • Evaluations
  • Financial modelling
  • Regulatory and cost benefit analysis
  • Strategy and business cases


  • Arts, culture and recreation
  • Climate and environment
  • Economic development
  • Energy and decarbonisation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Infrastructure and transport
  • Finance and insurance
  • Primary industry and biosecurity
  • Property and housing
  • Public sector policy and finance
  • Science and innovation
  • State, regional and local government

Qualifications & accolades

  • Master of Business Administration from Victoria University of Wellington
  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from Victoria University of Wellington
  • Honours in Applied Resource Economics from Massey University Palmerston North

Recent work highlights include:

  • Dylan undertook a qualitative survey of the 12 largest Energy Intensive Trade Exposed businesses in New Zealand to identify common perspectives on the policy framework for carbon reduction in New Zealand for the Ministry of Business, Innnovation and Employment.
  • Dylan developed a forecast of the Screen Production Grant for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as they undertake a Review of the cost, benefit and structure of the Grant.
  • Dylan undertook a strategic review of Solomon Airways for the World Bank as it sought to replenish its aircraft and examine route efficiency and development.
  • Dylan’s clients have included DPMC, Maritime NZ, the Sultanate of Oman, Solomon Airways, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Productivity Commission, the Solomon Islands Government, Infraco Asia, the Private Infrastructure Development Group (EU), Ministry for the Environment, the New Zealand Treasury, the Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry for the Environment, Freightways Ltd, Livestock Improvement Corporation, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment among others. Dylan has also led projects in Tonga for the Asian Development Bank, in Australia for the Federal Government, in Papua New Guinea for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Papuan Government.